Florida Auto Insurance Liability Minimums

Florida Auto Insurance Liability Minimums

Each state has its own set of liability premiums for auto insurance.  The liability premiums represent the amount of money your company will pay out at a maximum for each person injured and for the accident in its totality.  The higher the liability premium, the better coverage is your liability insurance.  Most states have a minimum liability insurance amount and you’re required to pay insurance for at least the minimum number.

Every state has a set minimum and Florida is no different.  Like most states, Florida has a no-fault policy, which means that your policy will pay your personal medical costs even if you weren’t at fault in the accident.

The Florida auto insurance liability minimums are relatively low, only $10,000 dollars.  This is easily lower the price of a hospitalization for an injury.  The property damage liability figures are just as low, only $10,000.  It is easy to incur this amount of property damage, after which you will be liable.  Think about these numbers when signing up for auto insurance and decide whether you want more liability auto insurance—not just the minimum amount.

What does Personal Injury Protection Cover?

The Florida auto insurance liability minimums include personal injury protection.  Personal injury is an injury anyone gets because of an accident.  It includes the following sets of people:

  • You as a pedestrian or bicyclist in an accident.
  • You as a driver of a motor vehicle
  • Any member of your household who is also injured
  • Your child who might get injured on the bus going or coming from school
  • Any passenger in your car who doesn’t have their own car and doesn’t have personal injury coverage themselves.

This means that if you are a passenger in someone else’s car and they don’t have insurance (or even if they do), it is your personal injury protection that protects you from having to pay high prices at the doctor’s office or hospital.

What about Property Damage Liability?

Property damage liability involves any damages you cause to a person’s home, buildings or other personal property.  The minimum is $10,000. This can be too low a sum when it comes to damaging someone’s home or a non-residential building.  Make sure you are prepared to pay whatever amount exceeds that liability amount.

What happens if you don’t get the minimum?

Insurance companies know the state minimum and will guide you to purchase at least the minimum amount of insurance.  If you cancel your insurance for any reason, the department of highway safety and motor vehicles in Florida will be notified and will send you a letter and will suspend your driver’s lights, your registration and your plates.  They will give you some time to reinstate your car insurance for the state of Florida with someone like FLoridainsurancequotes.net.

It will cost you a fee to reinstate your insurance after cancellation.  It costs $150 for the first offense and $250 fine for the second offense.  For each offense thereafter, you’ll pay $500 to get all of your driver’s needs reinstated.

If you can prove that the cancellation was a mistake and that you have proof of insurance by some reputable company with the minimums established, the state of Florida will reinstate everything at no cost to you, provided you have given your proof before the suspension date.

Federated National Insurance

How to get started with the Federated National Insurance agency

For those that have been trying to figure out exactly which of the many insurance companies and they should decide to go forward with (especially when it comes time to find the right insurance for your home, your condo, or other specific insurance plans), the entire process can become quite a headache and hassle – but it doesn’t need to be.

This is especially true if you decide to move forward with the Federated National Insurance agency here, widely regarded as one of the very best insurance companies in the United States – and possibly even the world.

If you’ve been considering this specific insurance opportunity, here are just a few bits and pieces of information you’ll want to consider to help you get started with this service!

Determine exactly how much insurance you’ll need, as well as the specific type (or types)

The very first thing you’re going to need to tackle (literally before absolutely anything else) is figuring out exactly how much insurance you’ll need, as well as the specific type or types of insurance that you will be carrying.

This is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it seems on the surface. In fact, this is one of the more difficult stages of the entire process, which is why it is so beneficial to speak with a Federated INSURANCE agent or customer service representative to figure out exactly how best to proceed.

There are a tremendous amount of little “nuances” that only someone well-versed in the local insurance world will be completely aware of, and speaking with one of these trusted representatives will provide you with a level of unparalleled coverage and service that you simply would not have been able to expect or anticipate otherwise.

Speak directly with a Federated National Insurance agent to go through the step-by-step application process and receive your specific quotes

Once you have selected exactly how much insurance you’d like to take on and the plans that you would like to work under, it’s time to begin speaking directly with Federated Will Insurance agents to figure out the next few steps.

The application process is relatively standardized across the board as far as insurance agencies are concerned, but there are still going to be wrinkles here and there that you will need to tackle to successfully get all of the coverage you need – with absolutely no blind spots whatsoever.

Work with these professionals to get the coverage that you deserve, the kinds of coverage plans that you have been searching for.

Submit a payment and become a member of one of the best insurance companies in the United States

Last but not least, all you’ll need to do to “get the ball rolling” is submit your first payment and become a member of one of the top insurance companies in the United States (and certainly one of the very best insurance companies in all of Florida).

It’s literally that simple, so consider getting started today!

Get In Your Car and Drive A Guide to Auto Insurance

I’m Drowning in a Sea of Choices


You would be hard pressed not to see at least three or four car insurance ads over the course of your day. Whether they are on TV, Online from a insurance company like https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-auto-insurance/, in your Email Box, or on a billboard as you drive to work. Most of us drive, so there is an entire pool of prospects out there that insurance companies want to cash in on. They will stop at almost nothing to win over new customers. Some make us laugh, some make us imitate a deep voice, and some of them treat us like we are students learning in a university. Gimmicks are out there, but what do they really offer? Below are some examples of well-known companies in the car insurance industry.




If you never saw the “Hump Day” commercial, you must have been living under a rock (yet another one of their ads). GEICO catches our attention with memorable ads every day. But what do they offer other than a few chuckles? Their website promises a free car insurance quote within 15 minutes. They will ask you a few basic questions and then provide you with a quote with your selected options. GEICO also offers discounts, like most other companies. They offer discounts based on vehicle equipment, driving history, driver education classes, driver affiliations, and customer loyalty. Definitely worth 15 minutes of your time to check out.




The Farmers policies have a lot to offer in their own right. Farmers offers local agents, 24/7 HelpPoint services, a variety of plans on a variety of needs, discounts, and even paperless policies. Farmers takes pride in their “green” efforts. They offer paperless documents, online bill pay, and paperless billing. Farmers offers discounts if you have a combination of policies (car & homeowner, etc.), they have a safe driver discount, a good student discount, and they offer discounts to groups and organizations. The Frequently Asked Questions area on their site is extensive and very informative. Even if you decide not to go with Farmers, you can really learn a lot on their site. They like most also offer a free quote online.




Progressive rounds out the list with a few benefits of their own. When you log on to the site you are greeted by Flo, the commercial spokeswoman we have all become pretty familiar with on TV. Progressive takes their policy quotes one step further than most. They will actually show you the prices of comparable policies at different companies alongside their quote. This transparency is definitely a plus. Sometimes you will find that other policies are cheaper than progressive, you can then choose if they also offer the quality of service that Progressive does. They too offer an array of discounts to make your bill a little lower. They will even test your driving for a month to possibly be able to offer you an even lower price based on your average driving habits.

Getting Health Insurance Is Still Important

Is getting health insurance from floridainsurancequotes.net important nowadays? With the recent changes to health care across the country, a lot of people are understandably getting disillusioned with the type of healthcare they’re receiving from their health care provider. It’s getting to the point that many people might feel more comfortable forgoing health insurance all together—when they shouldn’t.


It doesn’t hurt to get health insurance


Even if you know you’re in good health, it doesn’t hurt to have health insurance in place for when you do experience a change in your health condition. It’s practically impossible to tell when you might experience health changes or even suffer an accident that requires a trip to the doctor. And, if you have family, those worries become even more worrisome, as you have to worry about paying for their health care, too.


Health insurance today simply helps families and individuals avoid paying too much for healthcare. The costs associated with many medical procedures add up after you get treated, and in some cases, it becomes too much for people to pay out of pocket.


Though, is it worth it to find a good and inexpensive health insurance plan? After all, some people are experiencing difficulties enrolling in a better health care plan, let alone, curbing the costs associated with some of these plans.


You have to realize that even though the costs might may a plan seem too expensive, health insurance ultimately pays out in the end. You just need help finding a good health care plan to get started.


Get the care you need now


A lot of people actually don’t bother getting health insurance. While some people simply can’t afford a health insurance plan, others don’t want to take the time to find a plan that’s inexpensive and beneficial to their lifestyle. Most people, even if they don’t realize, just don’t have access to resources that can find them the health insurance plan that they need.


People today can now gain access to a big network of hospital, doctors and other medical professionals, as long as they sign up for health insurance. If you sign up for health insurance, you can also gain access to a nearby network of medical care to help you find healthcare close to home, access to affordable healthcare and information and, most importantly, a peace of mind about your overall health.


If you’re one of millions who’s thinking about avoiding health insurance, think again. You can get health insurance at an inexpensive rate—just get the help you need by contacting your state’s available health resources.

Cut Your Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Motorcycles are more than just overgrown bikes—they’re entire vehicles that need care and protection from the harsh nature of the road. If you already have auto insurance, and happen to have a motorcycle, you should already have a separate motorcycle insurance plan for your special vehicle.


The motorcycle is naturally different than a standard car, so why should you use the same insurance policy for that vehicle? Even though there are some providers that will insure your bike, most insurance providers like won’t provide enough coverage for your motorcycle.


Thanks to that, you have to get a separate insurance policy for your bike, especially if you’re going to be traveling a lot on the road. To get started finding the best motorcycle insurance policy, there’s nothing wrong with starting your search online.


If you search, you can easily find an abundance of accurate motorcycle insurance quotes. All you have to do is type in enough information to have a website generate more than one quote from different insurance policies in your area. The more information you can provide, the more specific and accurate your rates will become.


You can’t just choose a quote and buy its corresponding policy. Many experts recommend to always research and shop around before committing to any insurance policy. In Florida, as an example, you will have several options to choose from—all options with different policies and price points in mind. As long as you take the time to shop around with someone like floridainsurancequotes.net, you’ll be able to effectively cut your insurance costs.


There are actually factors that can help reduce your motorcycle insurance policy more than you would expect. Ultimately, reducing your motorcycle insurance policy costs is more about being a responsible and reliable consumer driver than just merely cutting a deal. How?


One of the best ways to cut your motorcycle insurance costs is securing your motorcycle when you’re not using it. If you keep it in your garage, put an alarm on it and/or safely secure it when it’s parked, your insurance provider may give you a discount on your current insurance policy.


You can also make sure you don’t increase your mileage too much. If you keep your mileage low, you might qualify for discounts pertaining to that. Like other vehicle-related insurance policies, taking special classes to train your motorcycle riding skills helps lower your current policy rate.  You can simply provide your certification documents for your insurance company, allowing them to view a record of you completing the training classes.


Most people don’t want to overpay for their insurance. As perhaps one of the more inexpensive vehicle insurance plans, motorcycle insurance is ideal for people who are constantly on their motorcycle. Don’t buy more insurance than you need for your bike—just buy enough to make sure that it’s covered when the times get tough.